Batch upload function

ok cool. I’ll try to rename the columns etc., and if it still doesn’t work I’ll email you the spreadsheet. Thanks Jason!

Hey Jason, I emailed you and cc Colin the spreadsheet I was going to upload a few days ago. Thanks!

Hi Jason,

Thanks again for all your help with this. I have completed a test bulk upload to MantaMatcher and it worked well, so I am preparing a larger upload of a few hundred encounters. Is there any way of generating an ‘upload report’ per se?

Specifically, would it be possible to generate a list of encounter numbers (with the corresponding individual ID and encounter date) so I can add these directly to our offline spreadsheet (we have a ‘MantaMatcher encounter’ column to keep track of uploads), without having to bring up each encounter and copy and paste the encounter number into the column?

Thanks, Steph

Hey there!
Currently, there is an option under admin called Bulk Import Logs. It lists out all the imports you’ve done, and when you click into it, shows the data that got imported.
This can only be accessed by an admin, but they should be able to provide the information to you. It isn’t exportable at the moment, but can be copied into a spreadsheet easily (I just tried to make sure it didn’t go all wonky).
Hope that helps!

Hi @jason @colin,
So good news, I’ve been able to do some bulk uploading on IoT and it went well. However, there were some slight errors:

  1. I tried changing the measurement column name into Encounter.carapacelength, but that column wasn’t detected when I uploaded it. I’m going to try to change it to Encounter.measurement3 and hope it gets detected.

  2. Most encounters have 3-4 pictures, but some of them have more than 4 pictures because they have flipper pictures, or pictures with scars & tumors on it. Unfortunately, media columns after Encounter.mediaAsset3 weren’t detected. Is there a maximum number of pictures uploaded per encounter or…? The name of the column is same with the rest of the first media column, I just changed the number. Since I couldn’t upload the extra pictures using the bulk upload, I tried to manually upload them into the encounter page. But after it said my picture was uploaded, after I refresh the page, there weren’t any of the new pictures I uploaded manually.

I think that’s it for now. Thank you so much! :turtle:

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Hi guys @colin @jason , I just wanted to update you guys on the things on IoT.

  1. Column Encounter.measurement3 worked.

  2. I still have trouble getting more than 1 picture detected in the excel sheet. What’s weird is that every time I upload, IoT detects different column every time, but only 1 each. So at times it’s media column number 1, and the next one it’s media column number 2.

  3. But, I still have to fill in the excel sheet with all the pictures I have (the more pictures the more information we have) so that means I use more than 1 media column. I have to do that because if I only fill in one media column, no pictures are detected/uploaded to IoT. So with encounters that only have 1 picture, I would have to re-upload the picture manually.

  4. But again, I still can’t upload any pictures manually to an existing encounter, which I’m not sure why.

  5. The occurenceRemarks column, which I use to add scarring notes, doesn’t work.

Hope this helps to try fixing the batch upload. Thank you :slight_smile:

cc @E.Germanov