Export Viewpoint and iaClass to csv

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
We are looking to have the face/direction (left side/ right side) added as a field to each observation for the data export .csv

How would this functionality help you?
In larger populations, we want to be able to filter by the direction the individual giraffe is facing (ie, for some analyses we will want to analyze “right side only”)

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Hi Michael, we’re also looking to have viewpoints exportable in all of our Wildbooks - African Carnivore Wildbook, Whiskerbook and Wild North. In particular, Panthera, who have their own, internal data management system, need this information to be exportable so they can then import it back into that system. Lots of other users are looking for the same because keywords, which are exportable, aren’t reflective of specific viewpoints for specific annotations.

I believe @jason was working on this recently but I’m not sure where it’s at.

To be honest, to have everything at the encounter level be exportable is the ideal scenario. We now have national governments (ex. France, Kenya, Tanzania) looking for all of this data to be exportable so that it can all be imported into their national databases.

Thanks for raising this need for GiraffeSpotter to add to the voices already on board with this feature request!


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I’m going to consider this as a duplicate of these two requests: