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The timing of this message is super auspicious. @tanyastere , we are also looking to add a new country and a new location to GiraffeSpotter. The country is Cameroon and the site is called " BeNP". Thanks!

Hey there @mbrown ,
Sorry this didn’t get seen before now. It was at the end of a feature request that was already implemented, so I didn’t notice it was a separate feature request. I have split it off to be its own request so we can go ahead and track this more easily.
We’re happy to get this added to the system for you, just as soon as I get some more detail, just to be sure we’re getting this in right. It sounds like you want two new fields in the study sites, one for the country Cameroon, and then nested beneath that a site called BeNP, something like below:

  • Cameroon
    • BeNP

Do you also want the automated naming to be turned on for this location? If so, what code would you like to be tied to BeNP?


Hey @tanyastere,

While you are adding that location, can you also see the thread above and another location (Ol Jogi Conservancy) as well?

This site would be nested beneath Kenya and called OlJo. Could we have naming turned on to this location as well.

Thanks, Jenna

@tanyastere, can we do this same thing again and add a new location to GiraffeSpotter? This time it can go under ‘Kenya’ and can just be labeled as ‘Ol Jogi’ to match the naming convention of the other locations. Thanks!

@jenna , thanks for catching that! Got it move to this thread here. Sounds like you want:

  • Kenya
    • Ol Jogi

Do you want the Individual automated name generation by region turned on for this location? If so, what code would you like to use?


Thanks @tanyastere !

Yes, we would like the Individual automated name generation by region turned on. Can we make the code OlJo?

Absolutely. We are tracking this as WB-1599. If we hear from Michael before we get that going, we’ll fold in his request too.


Thanks Tanya! This sounds great. Yes, we would like to add the nested structure “Cameroon” → “BeNP” with the automated naming code BENP.

Perfect. Have that added to the ticket. We will get those going and I’ll report back here as soon as they’re done. :smiley:


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@mbrown and @jenna These were completed a while ago. I did not update you here due to some issues that had me down and out over the last month. Sorry this didn’t get updated!