Past match results are no longer accessible


Since server maintenance, all past Whiserkbook match results are no longer accessible (they appear blank).

We can launch new ones (“start a new match”) and it works, but we will not be able to do it for all the past data and the question will come up regularly when old data is looked at. Is it possible to make them accessible again, please ?

PS : I’m taking the opportunity to ask just in case, even if I suspect that it’s not necessarily possible: we have big meetings to present Whiskerbook to groups of future users on March 14 and April 3. If it is possible not to schedule any major maintenance over these two days, that would be really awesome.


I suspect this is related to the WBIA rebuild we had to do for Whiskerbook after the server move. I’ll need more time to verify.

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I haven’t forgotten about this. I’m still waiting to get more info about the missing results. In the meantime, if you need to re-run some results to prepare for your upcoming presentation, feel free to do so. I’ll share any updates as I receive them.

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Thanks for the update, @Anastasia :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hi @Anastasia :slight_smile:

Do you have any update on this one, please ?

I hope to have one by the end of the day.

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Thanks Anastasia !! :pray::+1:

I was able to confirm that any match results that were run prior to the rebuild would need to be resubmitted if they need to be viewed again.

As a general rule, match results are considered transient and can be out of date as soon as a day after the match was run since new data added afterward isn’t reflected in those original results. If up-to-date match results are needed, we recommend starting a new match.