Wildbook Release Notes - February 2024

Release notes for February 2024
We’ve made a number of updates and bug fixes to Wildbooks, a small section of which is summarized below.

Wildbook DOI for February release

Wildbook updates:

  • Block Hotspotter from running identification jobs in the fast lane #349
  • Allow subspecies reporting in metrics dashboards #350, #353
  • Remove GPS from displaying in Co-occurrence graph #351
  • Standardized website text to markdown formatting #360
  • Encounter keywords sorted in alphabetical order #359
  • “Do not reply” message added to footer of new Encounter submission and update emails #380

ACW and Whiskerbook:

  • Users with the orgAdmin role now receive a non-reciprocal edit-level Collaboration with anyone in their organization #388, #389, #392
  • OrgAdmins are now prevented from seeing bulk import search summaries of users outside of their organizations #371

Bug fixes:

  • Added ability to delete Encounters from project and bulk import pages #347
  • When a match candidate’s Encounter is deleted, Wildbook no longer tries to render the deleted match result #348
  • When an identification job fails, it now automatically re-runs #352
  • Individual search no longer restricts results by IA classes #358
  • Allows public Encounters to be added to projects #384
  • Fixed a bug with missing and partially-loading Picturebook exports #385
  • Help link updated in Encounter page heading #367
  • Encounter.state bulk import field is no longer case-sensitive #369