Ability to correct viewpoint assigned by AI

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
I would like to request a feature that can edit the viewpoint of an AI generated annotation via a dropdown list. For example, the AI successfully bounds the snail in the photo but selects the incorrect viewpoint “up” rather than “left” or “right”. I’d like to be able to click on the incorrect viewpoint (screenshot 1) and select the correct viewpoint from a dropdown list similar to the list used when assigning an annotation manually (screenshot 2). Currently the only way to remedy the viewpoint error is to 1) add a new annotation manually 2) draw a new bounding box 3) select the correct viewpoint from the dropdown list 4) save the new annotation 5) delete the AI generated annotation 6) assign the new annotation to the animal before committing the sighting.

How would this functionality help you?
I assumed that the matching and identification process would run photos against all available viewpoints of animals from the same region, but am finding the viewpoint is important as only like viewpoints are paired for candidate matching. This feature would save time in committing sightings and improve the candidate matching process.

Mahalo for your time and consideration.


Good idea, I would love it in Whiskerbook too :+1::blush: