Ability to filter search results based on viewpoints detected or manually assigned

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW & all Wildbooks

What would you like to see?
ACW users need to be able to search and filter based on viewpoint(s) detected.
Currently, they can only use keywords to try to find # of animals with left & variations of left viewpoints, for example. However since keywords are based on the photo not the annotations in the photo, filtering using keywords for the purpose of understanding your viewpoint distribution, particularly of Marked Individuals, doesn’t work.

How would this functionality help you?
Users want to be able to work out how many individuals they have that have at least one left or at least one right viewpoints. This affects the certainty of the total count of individuals in a dataset. Being able to filter to individuals with only lefts and no rights and vice versa, would allow the users to then assess whether or not any of these cases represent the same animal.
For example:
In a dataset of 700 individuals, we may have a minimum of 350 ID’d individuals with both a left and a right viewpoint assigned. Users want to know if they have 700 individuals or 350 or something in between. Being able to filter using viewpoints would facilitate this analysis.

cc: @PaulK

Hi @ACWadmin1 @PaulK

Acknowledging the feature request and accepting it. I am working toward an implementation by 12/1.

Will respond here when it has been added.


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