Ability to have automatic 'head matching' applied, but be able to check 'body matching' manually for a new search

What Wildbook should this feature be in? SeadragonSearch

What would you like to see? At the moment both head and body matching are automatically applied, but body matching adds a lot of computational time, and is only needed for animals where head matching doesnt work.

How would this functionality help you? I think it would help both us us! faster and less computational load. Also less ‘messy’ matching results- we can end up with a huge page if multiple photos were uploaded for an encounter.

We could also use this in the ACW since we would like to be able to do a secondary match on African Wild Dog tails (once they are associated with the bodies correctly).


Paul fyi @ACWadmin1

Thanks for posting!
This is an excellent idea for any group that can leverage parts and body matching. I’m going to mark this as accepted, because it is something that should definitely be made available. We need to figure out implementation and timeline for that to be completed though, particularly since this will involve an update to how settings are managed and configured between the Wildbook front-end and the Image Analysis back end, which may push it to NextGen.

We will be providing updates here as we come to conclusions, and we’re tracking it with WB-1121.