Ability to retain ID algorithm-generated renderings & store them for longer

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Currently, there is a limited shelf-life for match results with the HotSpotter rendering – the highlighted patch overlaid on the comparative view of HotSpotter match results. This may be similar for other algorithms such as CurvRank, finFindR and PIE.

Since it’s expensive to both generate and store these images long-term, we’d like to have them shifted to a JavaScript-based rendering, in which any system with the data can create the ‘hot spot’ or other-algorithm overlay dynamically, making them less expensive to generate and store for Wildbook and enable them to be imported into other systems.

It would hopefully also enable Wildbook to store these images for longer than just a few months, allowing users to refer back to them if needed. This is particularly useful for users who like to leave the hardest matches to last when processing a batch of new images, who currently often return to the difficult matches only to find that the “inspect” results are no longer available. Field work can also cause interruptions for users in their image processing; delays that can be weeks long. It would be great to be able to retain these types of renderings for longer.


cc: @PaulK

Hi Jason

We are hoping this request is what you needed to get this change done. Let us know if you need anything else/more.