Ability to run matching from "view images" gallery

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW + all?

What would you like to see?
The ability to run matching from the individual’s gallery of encounters (ex. https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/encounters/thumbnailSearchResults.jsp?individualIDExact=57315c9d-a166-4a36-955e-f2a3ee249845)

Currently, the hamburger dropdown only offers 2 options - Add annotation and visual matcher.

How would this functionality help you? With a large dataset of unassigned annotations, we are doing matching by running matches from all the ID’d individuals in the datasets first. Then what’s left is either unmatchable or a new individual.
When doing this, it’s not currently possible to select which assigned encounters we want to use for matching without opening most or all of them from the list in the marked individual’s record. Clicking on View Images, though, opens up the gallery of annotated media assets for that individual, which, if it were possible, would make it very easy to select the best annotations for each viewpoint to run matching against. We have examples of individuals with dozens of encounters assigned to them so being able to select the best viewpoints from this gallery for matching is much faster than opening up multiple new tabs, then reviewing and comparing to find the best examples, remembering which tabs they’re in and then running matching from there.


cc: @PaulK