Ability to search based on viewpoints

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW + all?

What would you like to see?
When deciding whether or not an unmatched profile of a particular individual is, in fact, a new individual to the ACW database, users attempt to determine if it could be a match for an ID’d individual whose only assigned encounters are of the opposite, or near opposite, viewpoint.

In order to do this, they would like to review all images for the same species, usually in their own submissions, sometimes within a specific geographical area. Currently, though, there is no way to search for a particular viewpoint or selection of viewpoints so users are unable to leverage the viewpoint label for working out “opposite side” of the same individual and so some new ID’s could be assigned to individuals that are already in the database.

How would this functionality help you?
This, along with this other feature request (Ability to correct viewpoint assigned by the system) would be beneficial as follows:
Easier to find “opposite side” of a particular un-assigned individual; increase the accuracy of separate and distinct ID’d individuals in the system; makes the data more reliable.