Ability to upload sex to a Marked Individual in a bulk upload

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see? Ability to upload sex to a Marked Individual in a bulk upload. It’s not particularly useful to be able to add sex to an encounter record. It would be more useful to be able to bulk upload the sex of a marked individual.

How would this functionality help you? It would save us a LOT of time doing extra data entry for our bulk uploads.

Great idea. We’re tracking it under WB-665.

Hi, not sure if this was always the case or just a result of work you’ve done since I submitted this but Paul has just found that using the encounter.sex field in the bulk import will populate the sex in the marked individual record. This happened when the marked individual record was created new from the same bulk import. I’d been under the impression that data entered for an encounter record did not ‘cross populate’, if you will, the marked individual record but in this case, it did.

Hey @ACWadmin1,
Something a little different is happening. If a Marked Individual does not have the sex set explicitly, it pulls from the encounters associated with it. So if you upload an encounter with sex set, the marked individual will reflect that sex.