Accessing original file names during matching review

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? The original file name that was uploaded (in our case via bulk import xls) show up in the table seen in the Import Task results page.

How would this functionality help you? By being able to reference our original file name, we can pull up other images or photos from our archive for reference and or within the same sighting event. We believe this would help us consolidate matches within a sighting faster as well.

Hi @clsims

I missed that you were referring to the spreadsheet name and not the image file names. The original spreadsheet name is visible in your bulk import. I’ve posted a screenshot below for reference:

No, I mean the original file name for each photo uploaded. I did find it in the export file so I guess I don’t need any help with this issue now. Thank you.

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Thanks for clarifying!

I spoke with @tanyastere, our Director of Product, about it this morning. I learned that because Wildbook technically allows for infinite images on a single encounter, there’s no easy way to structure the table to accommodate the image file names. We display the number of images from the spreadsheet instead of the list of image names as a result.