ACW bulk imports stuck?

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 11

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin & researcher

What happened?
User did several bulk imports earlier today that he sent to detection. None have completed any detections after several hours. Other bulk imports done by other users today have completed detection except one by a different user.

The affected imports were previously uploaded and deleted because of errors in the original spreadsheets. I checked the updated versions of those spreadsheets used for the current uploads and they don’t seem to have any issues that I can find.

What did you expect to happen? Completed detections on at least some of these bulk imports.

I’ve sent the spreadsheets to

thanks for your help!

Thanks for sending the spreadsheets! I’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

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ACW WBIA had run out of disk space. We’ve extended its volume and restarted it.

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Detections on all of these imports are underway/complete.

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