ACW ML issues again?

Just working with a user right now on a bulk import and 2 images uploaded are taking many minutes with no progress. Queue says average processing time per job is 0 minutes so these should have completed by now. Is there an issue with the server again/still?


There’s only one job in the ACW queue right now. Let me know if re-running the ID on that import still doesn’t work.

Hi @Anastasia - I was pretty sure his batch was the only one in the queue because of the zero average minutes message. That’s why I think there’s a problem - he uploaded these 2 images an hour ago and no detections have completed. I checked his spreadsheet before he uploaded and saw no issues so that’s why I logged this ticket. Has anyone checked the ML server?

And by the way, there is no option to send it to ID because it’s still trying to get detection completed.


Thanks for clarifying that the issue is detection, not identification. It’s this import, right?

I’m waiting to hear back on what’s going on with detection and will post here when there’s an update.

Hi @Anastasia - yup, that’s the one, thanks. Sorry, I was typing while on the call with the user so didn’t put in more details. Thanks for investigating.


ACW isn’t reporting the number of active jobs correctly, but there are a lot and it’s slowly trying to make its way through them. Let me know if this one’s still stuck on Monday and I’ll see if there’s any news on its status.

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thanks. I’ll keep an eye on all the imports that were affected this week, over the weekend.

Good luck to the team on the drive replacement! And I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy at least part of the weekend.


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I just got confirmation from Jason that this import did finally make it through detection.

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