Add a timeout pop-up

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What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Whiskerbook / all of them ?

What would you like to see?
A pop-up that says something like “You have been logged out due to inactivity (timeout), please log back in”

How would this functionality help you?
There is a “timeout” which disconnects us from Whiskerbook after a certain time, but the page remains visually the same so we don’t know we are no longer connected.
Sometimes people are disconnected by the timeout while they had started to enter data (report an encounter). When they validate the encounter, the data is saved as “public” and not attached to their account. As the encounter created in “timeout” is in public status, everyone can see the GPS point on the map and the confidential information and the owner of the data cannot do anything about that.

As an orgadmin, I cannot catch/repair these errors (the “public” encounters created are outside my organization), it requires disturbing an admin.
One of the two people who did that yesterday also thought it hadn’t worked the first time and created a duplicate encounter (cheers to the amazing “data integrity” tool and @ACWadmin1 who reminded me how it worked).



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Just to chart the impact on Support (and users), I just wanted to add that it happened again.

A user was disconnected during a timeout while he was in the process of entering an encounter and when he was able to see it after having validated it was too late, his encounter had been published in public status (so all sensitive information were visible to all).

I can’t do anything in this case as an orgadmin and I had to request support from an admin (thanks Maureen !!).

I gave again the information to the users but this is a really easy mistake as the logout linked to the timeout is not visible for the user. I’m afraid it will happen regularly.

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My understanding is that any user with the researcher role can update public encounters. Is it true that you’re not able to update any of the metadata on a public submission? If so, this is likely a bug.

Hi @Anastasia,

I can edit some parts of the data of the public encounter but not all of it. For example I can see and edit the location, but I can’t assign the encounter to the user it belongs to (by going to “Metadata” => “Edit” => “Managing researcher”). I have to ask an admin to do so, in the meantime the encounter is fully visible by everybody.

I also can’t delete the encounter created by mistake.

You can see it here (an example with a random public encounter) :


You’re right; I had misunderstood the way permissions worked based on how I saw another user managing public encounters in a different Wildbook. It turns out they were an admin, too. Thank you for verifying this.

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Quick update: we’ve prioritized getting an implementation design in, but the work itself will be put forward to our open source community to complete. We’ll update this thread with the ticket number when it’s ready.

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Awesome, thanks for the update @Anastasia :blush::+1:

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Hi @Anastasia,

Is there any news on the open source community about this one, please ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder on this one. Here’s the ticket link:

I hope to have a progress update on this one soon.

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Hi @Anastasia - I see that Jon has approved this PR#427 after requested changes by our developer. It looks like a duplication for your issue #354.

Could someone please deploy this PR#427 to both ACW & Whiskerbook? It’ll be tested on each platform by different people. We can confirm it’s working as needed here once we’re done so that it can be deployed to the master as well.


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PRs are created in response to issue tickets and are tracked as two separate workflows (tracking the issue as reported by the Community and tracking the development work on the issue) so they are not duplicates. Issue tickets are resolved when their corresponding PRs have been approved and deployed to main.

You don’t need to ask us to approve PRs because the devs are already notified by Github when one is ready for review. They follow their own cadence for when PRs are reviewed and merged to main. Feel free to subscribe to notifications on specific tickets or PRs in Github to receive the latest updates on their status.

Hi Maureen,
The PR was not yet merged because my review was still open. There were a number of reviews for such an important feature as we are being diligent in what gets added to the code base, and it’s good that we did as we found a number of issues that needed to be resolved.

Additionally, as we discussed in our last meeting, we are working to ensure that off-cadence deployments, such as this one, are completed within 24 hours of the requisite merge. As that merge had not yet even happened, we would not have been able to deploy at the time of your request.

I completed my review and the merge in the last fifteen minutes. We will get the fix deployed to ACW sometime in the next 24 hours, and Whiskerbook in the next 48 hours. We will update here at the time of deployment.

Thank you,

Hi @ACWadmin1 ,
Slight hiccup. We have successfully merged and deployed to ACW, but due to a change in our GitHub policies that I wasn’t clear on, we would need to merge up to master and back down to whiskerbook. We don’t typically merge up to master until QA has been completed, so there’s two options:

  1. Complete QA on ACW, then go through standard merge process to Whiskerbook
  2. Make the same commit independently to Whiskerbook so they can have testing at the same time.

If we prioritize option 1, then we can get this deployed to whiskerbook today, even though it will be a little later than planned. I will operate on this assumption for now; let me know if you’d rather do the commit separately on that branch.

All the best

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I’ll test it now. Easiest test I’ve ever done. Give me 20-30mins

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Hi @tanyastere,

Okay so it’s working as I expect and it doesn’t seem to have broken anything. I’ll be interested to hear what @lucas has to say about it on Whiskerbook.

Thanks, I’d say it’s good to deploy to WKB.

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The popup has been deployed to Whiskerbook and Wild North as of late yesterday evening.

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Wow, that’s awesome !!! :blush::+1:

Thank you very much, it was eagerly awaited by our users.

I’ll do the tests tomorrow and get back to you :slight_smile:

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