Add Location ID in Flukebook

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? For bottlenose dolphins, please add a new location ID under “US Eastern Seaboard” titled “NC - Brunswick County”. This format is consistent with the location ID, already present, of “NC - OUTERBANKS”, which is quite north of our research region.

How would this functionality help you? We are conducting fin photo-identification surveys on a weekly basis in this Long Bay region of southern North Carolina. The specific location ID would assist us in managing our uploads and our database.

Hi @KimJones

I should be able to add this sometime next week. I’ll post an update here as soon as it’s complete.

You are the best! Thank you!

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Thanks for your patience! Apparently updating locations in Wildbook is a bit more complex than for Codex which is why this is taking a bit of time. My goal is to get this in for you by the end of this week.

Quick update: I added the new location, but Flukebook isn’t displaying it in the drop-down menu yet. I’ll have to continue to troubleshoot it next week. Thanks for hanging in there!

Okay! Thank you, so much, for the update.

Brunswick County is now a useable location in Flukebook!

Awesome! I see it. I can’t wait to begin uploading for our project. Thank you, so much!

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