Add locations to existing location ID Bombina variegata

What Wildbook are you working in?
Amphibian wildbook, Yellow-bellied toads

Hi there,
I want to set up new locations to analyze mark-recapture-data from our conservation project of yellow-bellied toads in the Northern Weser Hills (and other areas adjacent). I can’t find a way to do so myself and was advised to ask here.

The sites are as following and would be nested under the already existing higher-level location ID “Northern Weser Hills”:

  • “Himmelsthür”; Location ID: HIM
  • “Ochtersum”; Location ID: OCH
  • “Doberg”; Location ID: DOB
  • “Weenzer Bruch”; Location ID: WEE
  • “Coppengrave”; Location ID: COP
  • “Hohenbüchen”, Location ID: HOH
  • “Lohoffscher Bruch”; Location ID: LOH
  • “Mehholz”; Location ID: MEH
  • “Ballertasche”; Location ID: BAL

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi @LennartHudel

Doberg is already an existing location ID. It’s the first one in the menu:

Should it be moved as a sub-region of Northern Weser Hills?

Hey Anastasia, thank you. Yes, that would be great, since its an empty location so far, ee would have otherwise asked fo it to be deleted.

Cheers :slight_smile: Lennart

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The new locations have been added to Northern Weser Hills.