Add new locations to ARW

What Wildbook are you working in?
Amphibien and Reptile Wildbook

Hi there,
I´m new here and not shure if I´m doing it right.
We want to mach individuals in each projekt location.
Can you therefor add new Locations?

Location ID

Kriebethal/Ehrenberg 03
Talsperre Kriebstein 04
Rochlitzer Berg 06
Flöha 08
Waldheim 09

Thank´s a lot

Hi @FSA_Lorenz

  • What’s the significance of the numbers after the locations? I checked the existing Location IDs in ARW and none of them are formatted like this.
  • Why is “Kriebethal/Ehrenberg” one location instead of two separate locations?
  • Should these be top-level location IDs (such as Doberg) or are they nested under an existing location (such as Kottenforst > Venner Bach)?

Hi @Anastasia,
thanks for the fast response!

  • the numbers after the locations should be the Location ID. We already uploadet it that way and also matched it withhin the locationID (numbers). It is working, I´m just not too sure if it is working correctly.

  • Kriebethal/Ehrenberg is one location because we belive the population is connectet but to prove it they need to be matcht against each other

  • these should be top-level location IDs

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Thanks for clarifying! I’ve added the new locations to ARW:

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