Add new species to Sharkbook

Is it possible to please add Michael’s epaulette shark - Hemiscyllium michaeli to sharkbook? I’ve discussed this with Jason and we are hoping to test the algorithm for leopard sharks on this species.

@jason for visibility

Hi @JBlakeway, welcome!

That species looks amazing. I’ll update this post when I confirm that Hemiscyllium michaeli has been added to Sharkbook.

Hi Anastasia, thank you for this. Really appreciate the help!

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Hi @Anastasia and @jason

I’m just wondering if you’ve had any movements with adding in hemiscyllium michaeli as a species?

Hi @JBlakeway

Let me see what I can find out for you.

We’ll add it to the system, though you’ll need to manually add annotations since we don’t have a detector configured for this species. Sharkbook will use the Hotspotter algorithm for identification.

You can reply to the email thread you had with Jason to send him photos of the sharks so he can look into configuring detection for Hemiscyllium michaeli.

Hi Anastasia,

That’s great news, thank you so much.

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