Add Occurrence ID search filter to Encounter search

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW / all?

What would you like to see?
Ability to filter Encounter searches using a partial or full Occurrence ID -
Search > Encounters > Filter on Occurrence ID field

How would this functionality help you?
This would improve the Export functionality needed by users for specific subsets of data in ACW.

In ACW, Occurrence IDs are created to be logical strings that provide information to the user about which dataset is contained within that Occurrence ID which makes it easier to find historical datasets based on certain criteria contained in the Occ. ID such as the survey type, survey year, etc.

It’s currently possible to filter by Occ. ID after the encounter search results page is loaded, but this filter doesn’t apply to the Export functionality from that point.

ACW users have asked for the ability to export encounters based on specified a partial or full Occurrence ID string.