Adding a new language

Hi :slight_smile:

What Wildbook should this feature be in ?
=> Whiskerbook

What would you like to see ?
=> This is not really a short-term feature request, I would like to know if it would be possible one day to have a French version of Whiskerbook, please, if I provide you the translation of the texts of each page ?

How would this functionality help you ?
This would make it a lot easier to use Whiskerbook for non-English speaking contributors.


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Hi @Lucas - my name is Maureen and I run a Canadian non-profit called Tech 4 Conservation. We have been managing the African Carnivore Wildbook (ACW) for the past 3 years and have recently agreed to take on front line support for Whiskerbook. That means you can contact me directly for issues and questions related to Whiskerbook.

We recently switched on French language for ACW and it shouldn’t be too difficult for Wild Me to do the same for Whiskerbook. I’ll leave this request with them.

In addition, I have some user guides for ACW that were also recently translated into French. Although these all refer to ACW, the functionality between the 2 Wildbooks is the same and so the user guides would be applicable for use with Whiskerbook. And I’m happy to share them :books:

@Anastasia - if you could share my email contact info with @Lucas, then he can contact me directly for the user guides as well as for any other questions he might have at this point.



This should actually be pretty quick to implement on our end. I’ll let you know when the French language switcher has been added to Whiskerbook.


Hi Maureen,
Nice to meet you ! I looked at the Tech 4 Conservation website, your projects are awesome !
Thank you very much for your answer and your offer to share the guides you wrote for AWC. I had just started draft guides for our french contributors, so I am very interested in the ones you have already made :smiling_face:
Anastasia gave me your email address, I will contact you by email about it and I will take this opportunity to introduce myself more and give you some background on our use of Whiskerbook.

@Anastasia : Thanks ! If I can be of any help, for example to translate pages which have not been yet, or any other help, do not hesitate to tell me. My English is far from perfect but my French is definitely way better :innocent:


Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 5.09.09 PM

French has been added as a language option in Whiskerbook. Thanks for your patience!


Wow, great !! Thank you so much :blush: :+1:

I will browse the website and send to @ACWadmin1 if I have any translation suggestions :slight_smile: