Adding locations to leopard shark WildMe book

Hi - could I please request for the following location to be added as an option in the Wild Me Book for leopard sharks:

North Stradbroke Island

-27.423971, 153.547871

27°25’26.3"S 153°32’52.3"E

many thanks
Chris Dudgeon

Hey @c.dudgeon ,
We can absolutely get this going for you. We’ll be tracking this work under WB-1502 and let you know when it’s done.

Hi, @c.dudgeon !
North Stradbroke Island should be there now. Could I trouble you to confirm?

Hi, confirming North Stradbroke is now added, thank you.

We are currently adding a large number of photos to the Thailand Leopard Shark project. Can we please request to add the below sites please to assist in this process? The locations in bold as main locations under the Thailand project and all other locations as sub-locations if possible.

Boulder City: 8˚30’12”N, 97˚40’17”E
Christmas Point: 8˚30’56”N, 97˚38’18”E

Tachai Pinnacle: 9˚4’14”N, 97˚49’19”E

Ko Bon: 8˚49’11”N, 97˚49’30”E

Nua West: 9˚27’36”N, 97˚51’13”E
Nua North: 9˚28’4”N, 97˚53’32”E
Nua East: 9˚25’46”N, 97˚54’37”E
Tai West: 9˚24’32”N, 97˚49’42”E
Tai South: 9˚23’4”N, 97˚51’8”E
Tai East: 9˚22’39”N, 97˚53’34”E

Racha Yai Bungalow Bay: 7˚36’27”N, 98˚22’0”E
Racha Yai Siam Bay: 7˚36’42”N, 98˚22’15”E
Racha Yai Homerun Reef: 7˚36’35”N, 98˚22’47”E
Racha Yai East: 7˚26’22”N, 98˚22’41”E
Racha Noi Banana Bay: 7˚29’50”N, 98˚19’28”E
Racha Noi Bay: 7˚28’0”N, 98˚18’30”E
Racha Noi South Tip: 7˚27’40”N, 98˚18’19”E
Racha Noi Marina Bay: 7˚30’80”N, 98˚19’1”E
Koh Doc Mai: 7˚47’50”N, 98˚31’52”E
Anemone Reef: 7˚48’28”N, 98˚37’40”E
Shark Point: 7˚43’53”N, 98˚37’34”E
King Cruiser: 7˚48’6”N, 98˚38’34”E

Phi Phi: 7˚44’34”N, 98˚46’42”E
Bida Nai: 7˚39’28”N, 98˚46’2”E
Bida Nok: 7˚39’17”N, 98˚45’57”E
Phi Phi Don North: 7˚47’38”N, 98˚45’31”E
Phi Phi Don Hin Dot: 7˚43’31”N, 98˚46’38”E
Phi Phi Don La Na Bay: 7˚46’2”N, 98˚45’37”E
Phi Phi Don Nui Bay: 7˚45’38”N, 98˚45’20”E
Phi Phi Don Moskito Bay: 7˚48’17”N, 98˚47’17”E
Phi Phi Don Lo Bakao Bay: 7˚45’48”N, 98˚46’37”E
Phi Phi Lei Palong Bay: 7˚41’32”N, 98˚45’53”E
Phi Phi Lei Malong Bay: 7˚41’10”N, 98˚45’47”E
Phi Phi Lei Pileh Wall: 7˚41’6”N, 98˚46’15”E
Phi Phi Lei Viking Cave: 7˚41’29”N, 98˚47’29”E
Phi Phi Lei Mushroom Rock: 7˚42’3”N, 98˚45’47”E
Phi Phi Lei Whale Shark Wall 7˚40’40”N, 98˚45’44”E
Phi Phi Lei Maya Corner: 7˚40’53”N, 98˚45’45”E
Hin Bida: 7˚38’0”N, 98˚50’0”E
Garang Heng: 7˚43’17”N, 98˚48’7”E

Hin Muang: 7˚9’8”N, 98˚49’14”E

Hin Daeng: 7˚9’8”N, 98˚49’18”E

Koh Haa :
Neua: 7˚25’59”N, 98˚53’55”E
Lagoon: 7˚24’45”N, 98˚53’46”E
Yai: 7˚25’23”N, 98˚54’19”E

Jabang Channel: 6˚30’52”N, 99˚16’15”E
Hin Paad Mile: 6˚19’52”N, 99˚19’5”E

Ko Adang
Ko Lipe: 6˚30’2”N, 99˚18’14”E

Many thanks!