Admins to see collaborations

What Wildbook should this feature be in? GiraffeSpotter

What would you like to see? The names/details of active collaborations between sites under the user profile details.

How would this functionality help you? We have many sites/collaborators and it is difficult to know when people have allowed sharing access with others. Having this detailed on the user’s profile page will help us keep track of proper data sharing and ensure sharing agreements are in place to protect all involved.

If requesting a new location ID, include

  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
  • GPS coordinates (optional)

Note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all of them are reviewed by our product team. We’re unable to provide implementation timelines for accepted requests. We are a small team with many competing priorities. Thanks for your understanding!

Hi @CourtneyMarne ,

This already exists in our Wildbooks so I’m pretty sure GiraffeSpotter must have it too.

Go to: Administer > My Account. Then scroll past your account details and your Collaborations list and you should see (assuming you’re an OrgAdmin of at least one organization in the system) a table listing all collaborations for that organization and what level they’re at.

If you’re an OrgAdmin of multiple organizations, then the table will include all collaborations for each org.

Happy weekend!


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Hi @CourtneyMarne

Not sure why you deleted your post, but what you shared helped me realize that your username wasn’t associated with an org in GiraffeSpotter. I’ve fixed this for you. Let me know if you’re able to see the organization collaboration table now.

That aside, it sounds like you’re asking for admins to have visibility into all users’ collaborations, which I think is a valid request and something that’s not currently available in Wildbooks.

Ah, thank you @Anastasia! I thought it user error mistake my side. I can see collab table for myself, but no other users. You’re right I was asking to be able to view all user’s collabs to keep track of appropriate sharing.

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