Automatic exposure correction

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What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Whiskerbook (+ maybe all of them ?)

What would you like to see?
Currently, when the animal is overexposed or underexposed in the image (which happens regularly on the trail cameras), the performance of the identification algorithm deteriorates significantly.
By correcting the brightness of the lynx by hand, the algorithm works again as usual.
It would be preferable for the software to make the brightness adjustments itself so that the area of ​​interest is well exposed.

Here is an example with the image that I darkened by hand at the top to enhance it and the same original image at the bottom, see the big difference in the efficiency of the software (this lynx is 2826_BDN_I_RLF).

How would this functionality help you?
It would be a significant gain in detection efficiency for all users and time saving for experienced users who do it by hand.

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Hi @Lucas

This is unlikely to get picked up since 1) it veers into image editing software territory and 2) overall, camera trap images are less common across our Wildbooks.

Hi @Anastasia !!

Just to clarify my point, I do not want the software to modify the recorded image that should remain the same, only that it improves its efficiency by processing the brightness (in backoffice, in a way not visible to the user), just as it does other types of analysis or calculation, I guess (but this is just magic to me :slight_smile: ).

I don’t know if other Wildbooks are affected by overexposed or underexposed photos :+1:

At least Whiskerbook, ACW, Zebras, Giraffe, Deer, Wild north and iberian lynx, I guess :slight_smile:

Hi !!

Just a note to indicate that this subject is completely (and amazingly) solved by MiewID, this subject can therefore be removed from the features requests (processed/implemented!) :slight_smile:

Thanks :blush::+1::clap:

Amazing to hear! MiewID continues to surprise us.

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