Batch Uploads - Menu Option to go direct to XLS file upload

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see? The option to not have to go thru the Image Upload step to get to the XLS file upload step.

How would this functionality help you?
Often we have all the images uploaded at once at the front end of the process and thereafter we are only prepping and testing XLS files. Current process requires us to go thru Image Upload step each time before we can upload a new XLS file. This is also the case when having problems with an upload and we are doing multiple tests to figure it out.

We’re evaluating the entire flow of bulk import for next gen, but I think we may have a “not quite but almost” in place in current gen.
If you don’t upload any pictures and click upload, you get the following screen.

You can click the highlighted link and it will allow you to continue to the xlsx file upload without having to upload pictures. It’s a couple too many clicks, but you at least don’t have to fuss with pictures.

It is important that you have the pictures already uploaded!

Thanks Tanya.

This exactly what we are doing now because we usually upload all of the images at once and then do Sighting level XLS uploads for those.

Once we have the backlog of historical data uploaded the ongoing process will be more like the current process.

The issue comes every time we are onboarding a new researcher/conservationist with their existing data sets.