Better reference images in ranked match results

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
Better quality images (encounters) as the primary example of an ID# in the matching ranked images.

How would this functionality help you?
Make matching MUCH faster
I had to open the ALL images for that ID 258 and scroll through those images to confirm a match. The first image that is shown as example in the matching window wasn’t a great fit for the encounter I was trying to match.

example here, first image of #1 ranked ID 258, is a kind of bad image, of a peduncle


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Hi @clsims

Is your issue primarily with the match candidate image or with not having a good representative image of the individual on their Marked Individual page?

Well, the issue is kind of both, but first off is the Match Candidate image is very marginal quality, only showing the tail end of the whale, not the best for matching. When I go to the Marked Individual page, again, the very first image isn’t the greatest, and have to go to View All to find better options.
However if the Match Candidate image was a better representative image, it would mean I don’t have to go to the Marked Individual page most of the time (maybe).

Is there any way to add a feature to flip through the various encounters of Whale ID# that is a match candidate? That way, it doesn’t matter what image pops up first as the representative image, but we can scroll through the images on that page without having to go through multiple clicks/page loadings to get to the “All images” of a specific ID#? Just a thought.

Additionally, we would like to be able to zoom in even more on the encounter image. Should I put that into a different request on the forum?

This is an interesting perspective! Ultimately, the correct individual was placed in the #1 spot. The pain point for you is that this image isn’t a good visual representation of 258 while MiewID determined that given the source image and its heat map visualization of matching hot spots, it was the best match image available. I don’t know that it’s technically problem because on one hand, I see it as an example of the different ways humans and algorithms identify the same individuals. But if it’s creating uncertainty in confirming matches, it’s worth looking into how we can reduce that friction for you.

I’m pretty certain the images displayed here are from the first handful of Encounters of the individual so the can’t currently be set manually. I think this ties in with your next post, since the goal is to make it easier to explore images of the candidate to validate the match:

Yes, please. I think we ultimately have 3 separate requests here:

  • View additional images of a match candidate from within the current match results page/be presented with the best possible candidate images on the match page
  • Be able to set the best representative image of an individual on their Marked Individual page.
  • Zoom in further on match candidate images (similar to, but not quite the same as Add a 'zoom in on photo' feature on matching panel)

Does that sound accurate?

Yes, these 3 requests would be great.
priority would be 1. view additional images of a match candidate from within the current match results page. I see what you mean that the difference between algorithm and human decision on what makes the best match, however, to reduce our time in matching, it would be good to be able to flip through the various images of that whale.
2. Zooming in further on BOTH the Matching panel whale image and the match candidate image. Even if we are restricted to the size of the window, if we can at least move the image around to look closer at specific regions of the body for matching, that would be great.
3. IF #1 is too much, if we could set the ‘best’ representative image of an individual and it was the one that showed up in the matching pane, that would be great too. However being able to set it in the Marked Individual page, would be a time saver for future matching comparisons.

@jwaite, Janice do you have any feedback/insights?



The features 1 and 2 would also be very usefull in Whiskerbook :+1::+1:

In fact, I was even planning to make a feature request for the second one :slight_smile:


#1 would be very helpful with species like lions and pumas where match validation is very difficult based solely on a single match candidate image. So this gets ACW & Wild North Wildbook votes as well :+1:


Thanks, all! This thread will track the request for improvements to the design of the matching experience (being able to view multiple images of a match candidate within the same match page, zooming in further on the images on the match page, etc.)

I’ll make a separate thread to track the request for setting a representative image on the Marked individual page.

Edited to add link to new post: Set a representative image of a Marked Individual


@Anastasia @jwaite
Hi, since we are meeting with Paul today to talk about functionality of FB, we were wondering if there has been any progress on feature requests like:

  1. Zooming in on images on Match page
  2. viewing multiple images of a match candidate within the match page
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When we have any updates, we’ll share them in the post. If you don’t see the feature-accepted tag on on a feature request post, there’s no timeline for implementation.

as a follow up to this, is there a place we can “upvote” potential next new features being considered? Does the “heart” button support this?

Hearts and comments both help to show support!


Will be amazing also in the Lynx :heart:

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