Bulk import data problem


We’re sorry to bother you, but we have a new problem. When we tried to submit new bulk imports, we noticed a problem at the “Bulk data import” stage. The empty boxes in the Encounter.mediaAsset… columns for the image series are no longer displayed in blue as before, but in red.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi @rebeca

Please email your spreadsheet to services@wildme.org so I can take a look at what might be causing this. Thanks!

it’s done, thank you very much.

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Thanks! Your spreadsheet looks good.

Typically, the Encounter.mediaAsset column will turn red if the number is missing from the field name or if the folder selected for the image upload doesn’t match the names of the images in the spreadsheet.

Since the field names in your spreadsheet are correct, I suspect it might be the latter.

  • Can you double-check that the correct photo folder is being imported? The images have to be in a top level folder such as Folder Name > Images. If the images are in a folder that’s inside of another folder, that can also cause issue you see.
  • Also, double-check that the file names in the spreadsheet match exactly the file name in your computer. For example, photo.jpg in the spreadsheet and photo.JPG as the actual file in the computer are not considered the same file because of the difference in capitalization.

We’ve checked and the correct photo folder is imported, the photos are on the first level and the names all seem to match. We tried again and still the same problem, all the images seem to be recognized as they appear in green, only the empty boxes linked to the burst are in red as you can see on the image…

Can you email me some of your images that are appearing as null in the preview screen so I can test with them?

I’ll send it to you now, thank you.

Thank you! I’ll need some time to test and I’ll get back to you with any updates or follow-up questions.

Ok! This was actually not as complicated as I thought it was. :sweat_smile:

The spots that are marked as null are in the additional media asset columns where there are no image file names. So sharing a screenshot of your spreadsheet to match the screenshot of the preview you shared, we can see the red boxes match up with where no data was entered in the spreadsheet:

In short, there aren’t any problems with your import! It’s just expecting data in each column when it’s actually optional for anything higher than Encounter.mediaAsset0 (since not all encounters will have multiple images).

You should still be able to commit your import even when you see image fields flagged in red. Red just means that it won’t import anything in the red fields because it doesn’t recognize what’s in it. In this case, the field is empty, so it’s ok.

Okey very good, it’s just that before the boxes were blue in this case, so we didn’t know if the fact that they were red would now be a problem. Thanks a lot for your help!

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I’m really sorry but we’ve tried again to import our data but the fact that the empty boxes are no longer blue (“Blue indicates that a field was found, but contained nothing”) as before but red means that the platform detects errors and prevents us from “committing these results”. Do we need to remove the serialized images and create a separate line for each image?

I think there may have been an update to the way the Bulk Import workflow validates spreadsheet fields. It used to be more permissive, but I think you’ve helped us uncover an exception to the validation process.

I’ll need more time to work on this as I’ll need help from my teammates to address this.

I should have an update in the next 24 hours

Ok, we’ve fixed the validation method. Can you try committing your results again? It should let you save them this time.

It works, thank you very much!

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