Bulk import - sighting species?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

Just a question for you - is it possible to import the species for the sighting record in a bulk import? It’s not listed as a field in the Wildbook Database fields spreadsheet that @tanyastere sent us awhile back. It would be great to be able to add/include it because it’s not showing in the sighting records today and I can’t seem to edit these records to update that either, so it can’t be updated after the fact.
This would be nice to see in an otherwise blank sightings search table:


Hey there,
This is a combination of factors all not working together.

  1. Sighting Species gets set by pulling from the first encounter associated with a sighting.
  2. Because it is automatically listed, the bulk import won’t set it.
  3. Because the encounter is being generated by the bulk import, it doesn’t automatically populate.

Sighting Species populating automatically comes with a number of issues, mainly if more than one species is listed (different zebras in a single sighting, for example, is not completely unheard of, particularly if tracking hybrids). We are working on a redesign of sightings to address weirdness that comes from these autopopulation fields (such as timestamp and location can be different if there’s multiple photographs, multiple behaviors engaged in the same picture, etc). Because we aren’t sure how that’s going to shake out, I’d rather wait and get the relationship right and then make the adjustments.
I’m going to convert this to a feature request and align it with the ticket we’re currently using in tracking this: WB-582.


Sounds good. thanks for the clarification.

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