Candidate image delay to appear

Hi @Anastasia
I have created a new topic since this are new bulk uploads not what we sorted previously. The candidate image delays appearing for 3 to 5 minutes. This is not happening to all images, but majority has that issue.

Below is the link and screen shot.

Match results for sighting 3c723786-a10c-499b-96c4-88329e243116 • Zebra Codex (

Hi @Rosemary

Thanks for clarifying that this is a new issue. I’m looking into this and will let you know when I have an update.

Thank you @Anastasia,
As you work on that note that even identification is taking too long to complete.
Thats a link of April 15th that has not gone through up to today.

Sighting 8f74771a-f991-4b0a-a1fd-0dcdf1c75655 • Zebra Codex (

I noticed a few that looked to be stuck in ID. I’ve just re-run the match and it should be done in a few minutes. If you notice any other ID results that haven’t completed and it’s been more than a day, go ahead and re-run those matches.

I’ve changed this to a bug report. It may take a little longer than usual to resolve this, but we were able to learn some new info that will help us debug this. I’ll update this post when I have any updates.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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This is being tracked internally as tickets CDX-54 and CDX-48

Hi @Rosemary

The issue with broken images in your candidate annotations has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.