Cannot create a new Site Location ID

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? Spot a Shark Australia

What operating system were you using? Microsoft Windows10

What web browser were you using? Chrome

What is your role on the site? Researcher

What happened? I would like to add the South Bondi location as a new research area to sit alongside the other sites so that it can appear in the dropdown for locations. I have checked with Sean and neither of us can seem to amend sites or add anymore. Wondered if you could help?

What did you expect to happen? Expected to be able to manage sites for Australia and create/amend where necessary for research projects.

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? Review an encounter and click on location edit, you will notice the drop down for Location IDs does not include South Bondi. Look at the various menu options and there does not appear to be any ability to add a new site. There is no manage sites button in any part of the site (that we can locate anyway - perhaps its hidden?)

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

WildMe staff adds locationIDs on behalf of researchers; it’s actually always been this way to reduce the chances spurious locationIDs get generated by bulk imports.

We’re happy to do it, and this issue is being tracked internally under the number WB-1782.

I’ll follow up here as soon as I add this locationID (and security role - see the other community post here for more info. about that!


Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

WB-1782 has been deployed on SAS AUS. Can I trouble you to confirm?


Hi @MarkF,
This is perfect - thanks. You can close this ticket

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