I am a Researcher that cannot edit photos unless I submitted them

Hi @MarkF - it happens on the following sighting IDs, but this is just a sample. The edit buttons are unavailable when I launch into any of these:


Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

It looks like none of these encounters exist!

Are you able to view them??
Here’s what I see when I visit, say, Spot a Shark | Login

Are you seeing the same?

@MarkF - Nope - something weird is definitely happening as I most certainly can see them. Let me try and share a screenshot

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
Interesting. Can I trouble you to click on one of them (i.e., the row in the results table) and tell me what happens?

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

Aha! Ok, so a few things:

  1. The IDs you gave me are sighting (a.k.a occurrence) IDs rather than encounters IDs! Once I figured that out and investigated the encounters (e.g., Spot a Shark | Login), I realized that
  2. all six of these encounters have the location set to South Bondi but they don’t actually have a locationID, as you’re well aware because you posted about that here. So, once I create that location, I’ll go ahead and
  3. assign these encounters to that location ID and
  4. I’ll grant you and Sean the South Bondi-specific role so that you can edit.

I’ll let you know when I’ve done all of this here (hoping for very soon). Sound good?


Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

All of the above has been resolved. Can I trouble you to confirm?


Hi @MarkF, thank you for adding the South Bondi ID as a new location. However, I still do not have edit rights over the photos, and furthermore for encounters that have not been loaded to any site ID I cannot edit those either.

I will want to have the ability to edit photos for South Bondi initially, but soon I will need the ability to edit photos submitted for all of NSW. Happy to wait for that access, but for now it is critical that I have access to edit the new photos for South Bondi.

For example, Occurrence ID: ae0d28c3-61c9-4f8e-87c6-b98edc47eecd is now against South Bondi but I still cannot edit.

And for example, Occurrence ID: a6845088-9257-4c46-8886-ecf27ff78531 is not yet against South Bondi and I cannot edit the location.

When people submit photos they are not mandated to select a site ID, and so we may always have this issue, so can you please continue fixing this bug so that I can edit all photos?

Hi @MarkF I have found that I am unable to edit lots of photos, even some of those loaded by me, that have been submitted without a location ID. Somehow some of the photos I uploaded are showing up without my name as the submitter too - like this one? Occurrence ID: 57bdf02e-3a88-48fe-8f1d-f037992698db

Very odd. I wonder if there is an underlying bug with the upload feature ?

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

Can I ask you to try something?
What happens when you sign in and upload an encounter vs. submitting an encounter from a logged-out state? Being listed under the “submitters” list in an encounter is something slightly different from being the owner of the encounter (which you should be if you are signed in and upload an encounter).

Since you do have roles for all locations in NSW, I would think that you should be able to edit encounters such as Spot a Shark | Login. I’ll be looking into that today.

Not being able to edit a photo that does not have a locationID makes sense to me, because you have the researcher role and then roles based on locations. This makes sense in terms of security for most other Wildbooks, so it’s not a bug.

If you send me a list of ENCOUNTER links (just the URL from the browser when you’re looking at an encounter rather than a sighting/occurrence), as opposed to OccurrenceIDs, that saves me a step, but I can assign those encounters that should have a certain location ID but don’t.

Hi @MarkF I have tried to run through and send you a list of which ones I cannot edit and to be honest its happening more often than not.

For example, these two do not have location IDs and I cannot edit them:

And these ones do have location IDs, but I still cannot edit them:

There are so many more to go through, but I will be here all day running through and finding the hyperlinks. Perhaps these examples may help you find the source of the problem?

Thanks for helping on this :slight_smile:

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
Thanks! That should be really helpful! Can you send me maybe two links of encounters that you CAN edit?

Hi @MarkF , sure thing!

I can edit these ones, but then I also submitted them.
I cannot edit anything submitted by others at the moment, I don’t think.


There are another 65 encounters I would need to go through and check if I can edit, which I won’t have time to do today unfortunately. Hopefully what I have shared so far will help you work out what is going wrong.

Thanks again!

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Hi @MarkF if you find a solution on this one for me? There are a number of edits I need to work on and this issue is preventing me from finishing up my edits. Wondered if perhaps as an interim solution if I could be added as admin as well as Sean - or can only one person be admin at once?

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

I just asked on my side. Is @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark comfortable with that?

Also, I’m currently working on safely purging SAS USA entries from the SAS AUS database. After that, there’s an urgent ticket on another project that I’m committed to. Afterwards, I’ll get to whichever resolution is agreed upon herein.

Wishing I had clones,

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
We’re all cool with it if Sean is.

@MarkF - all good from my side as Sarah is working with me now.

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Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark and @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark ! It is done!

Hi @MarkF and @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark that yes this is now fixed!!! Thank you Mark for all your help on this one :slight_smile:

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Actually, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark , may I mark this as resolved?