Census mode / siloed project

This isn’t a necessary feature, but product manager Tanya suggested I share it here in case others would also be interested.

I’m doing a census (or two) this summer to compare against mark-recapture estimators, and I would have found it helpful to be able to use Wildbook to organize that data. (I may do some other small-ish scale census work in the future, although I’m unsure.)

I was imagining a “census mode” that was siloed from my main data area within my Wildbook, so I alone would have access to the census submissions and be the one processing them, without those submissions getting mixed into my main queue. Basically, these census submissions would be functioning like a separate Wildbook, but while still retaining the functionality of how I’ve had my Wildbook customized.


We are seeing a similar need upcoming for our new Wildbook (African Carnivore Wildbook). We would support this request strongly.



We have a similar need to manage data by camera trap survey (should be similar to census) for jaguars. The data should not be completely silo-ed, we would still want to compare individuals to other datasets, but one should be able to filter and work within a specific survey.


Hey everyone!
Thanks for all your comments. Based on the feedback here and a couple other conversations, we have decided that this functionality is something we want to build into the product. I’ll be sure to post back with updates on progress, but in the meantime, designs are done and we are starting development on this in the near future.
Thanks for your participation!