Codex 2.0 release notes

Release notes for Codex 2.0

This new version of Codex brings rework of species, Hotspotter score and visualizations, and data policy visibility.

New Feature Development

  • Species is elevated to a top priority for data integrity.
    • Species is required when creating an individual either through matching or manual creation through the sighting.
    • Species resolution is required when creating an individual through merging
    • Species is readily displayed on an individual’s page
  • Users are required, as part of initial sign-in, to agree to Wild Me’s terms of use and data policy.
  • Individual and sighting search are expanded to allow filtering of all fields.
  • Hotspotter score results now focus on the score of the entire individual rather than the score of a single annotation.
  • Hotspotter visualizations are available to use for comparison on the match page.
  • Site customization controls have been consolidated into a single page.


  • Removed test files that prevent clone on Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Requests for accounts better integrated into the administration management flow.
  • Match results links are more stable, resolving 404 and 500 errors.
  • Double star (**) no longer appears on some required fields.
  • Session timeout directs to Codex Frontend login rather than Houston login.
  • Technical dependencies no longer update automatically.
  • Custom fields that are dates or date ranges save correctly.
  • Photo optimization links in both bulk import and standard reporting now correctly redirect to the docs.

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