Codex 2.1.0 Release Notes

Release notes for Codex 2.1

The latest version of Codex includes new features like Codex ID, change log, sighting flow simplification, search extensions, and accessibility improvements!

New Feature Development

  • We have added a new Codex ID, a system that automatically creates an ID for any individual that is made on the platform. This allows for temporary ID references that do not reflect your personally maintained catalogs, encouraging faster decision-making within the platform.
  • Improvements to the match page include the ability to set the sighting’s match status (unreviewed, reviewed, in progress, and unidentifiable) and to confirm that there is no match to the query annotation.
  • Based on feedback from active users, we have increased visibility into animal data in the sighting search, and have improved on the stability of the search results throughout the platform.
  • To better enable user support, we have added a change log that provides a list of all changes that have taken place for a specific sighting, individual, or user.
  • Annotations management has been simplified by streamlining both sighting editing and curation.
  • To better meet with ADA guidelines, we have changed the site theme color adjustments. We will continue to work through accessibility requirements to ensure a great experience for all users.


  • Fixed API call when identification is re-run.

Bug Fixes

  • Can now commit a Sighting when an annotation was previously deleted from it.
  • Filtered Individual search results can be exported with available default and custom fields.
  • Changes to the Metadata on an Individual page save correctly.
  • Users with an edit collaboration are no longer prompted to start a collaboration when adding an annotation to their collaborator’s Sighting.
  • Copyright year on page footer now reflects the year in real-time.
  • Confirm Match button no longer blocked by table header.
  • Codex initialization screen no longer appears for logged-out users when loading the Codex homepage.
  • Terms of Use displays correctly in production environments.
  • Species can no longer be removed in Codex by Admins when they are currently assigned to Sightings.
  • Sighting status is now separate from the match status.

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