Codex 2.2.0 Release Notes

Release Notes for Codex 2.2.0

The latest version of Codex includes a new search method, image carousel on the match page, permissions and roles adjustments, a view for all of a user’s data, and searchable regions! Additional changes include search stability improvements and full Firefox support.

New Feature Development

  • The database can now be accessed through an animal search, which returns information about single animals rather than at the sighting level.
  • When looking at the match page, you can see all the images associate with an animal through an image carousel.
  • Data export access is now managed through the export collaboration, improving understanding of data access.
  • The data-focused home page shows all of your sightings and the state of review, making it easier to see where you are in your data-review process.
  • The user profile page contains all information about your profile, from user name to email preferences.
  • Searchable regions allow you to easily find the region you need.

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox support has been improved site-wide.
  • Email address sign-in is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Cleaner reporting from the IA Queue.

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