Collapsing matches while reviewing ranking table

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? As you go along and make matches between encounters, if you could conceal/hide those lines in the matching table that shows the ranked scores. Conversely, if we could click “not a match” and have that line/encounter hidden from the field of view in the matching/ranking table that would be helpful.

How would this functionality help you? We are digging deep into our photo data beyond the first 50 rankings and visibility on the screen layout is an issue. Concealing matches would be helpful to free up visual space as well as show us where we left off with the matching process. Concealing ‘not matching’ encounters would also help us visually pick up where we left off in the process.

Thank you for this feedback! We’ve actually been doing some user research for the matching interface and this pretty universally agreed to be a necessary change. We have this planned as part of Codex development, which means it will be available to Flukebook community late this year or early next year, if all things go as planned.

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