COMPLETE: Bulk Import Training Coming October 21st, 2020

We will be holding a training seminar on October 21st. The topic for the seminar is “Setting up your Spreadsheet - Bulk Import by use case.” More background information is available in the bulk import documentation, including example spreadsheets.

Join the seminar using the zoom link at 10AM PST on October 21st.

Hey all!
Thanks for attending the session this morning where we covered bulk import. I’m including references to the materials used below.

Presentation in full:
PowerPoint: Setting Up your Spreadsheet.pptx (160.5 KB)
Spreadsheets by use case (these are different from those on the wiki as they have example data in them)

Hey all,
I made a slight error in my data for the keywords field. It should be _ delimited, not ,. I am updating the spreadsheet above and making a note on the youtube video.
My bad!