COMPLETED: Sharkbook: Impending Merge of Whale shark, sevengill, leopard shark, and ragged tooth (Australia) Wildbooks

We’re excited to announce that the merger of these Wildbooks:

All web sites will be merged into the new platform at has already been moved to is moving into immediately (2021-10-20) with minimal downtime expected today. and will be migrated into on either 2021-10-22 or 2021-10-25, depending on our staff availability and the required downtime for the merge. Impacted times will be 9-5 PM U.S. Pacific time.

Wild Me staff have already tested database merges and expect a smooth transition, but some downtime and community feedback and fixing is expected.

Thank you!

Jason Holmberg

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@Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark and are being migrated today. Please do not use these Wildbooks until further notice.

@Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark ^

The old,, and sevengill Wildbooks have now been merged into You should be able to log into and see and own your old data.

@Sean_Aus_SpotaShark @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark @OceanSanctuaries