COMPLETED: Wildbook Planned Downtime for ML Backend Upgrade on Multiple Services


There will be downtime for all Wildbook loads and machine learning (ML) requests in approximately two weeks. The following platforms will be impacted.

The backend Wildbook IA (WBIA) system that supports all detection, classification, and ID job requests will be migrated to a larger and more powerful machine. The WBIA databases and their complementary caches have already been fully transferred, but we anticipate approximately 30 minutes of additional reconfiguration and final verification to fully transfer the service and restart the main public site. All systems may experience restarts during this process. If you are unable to visit the site or execute ML jobs, please try again momentarily.

Actual Time offline: 04/07/2022 at 13:01 Pacific
Actual Time complete: 04/07/2022 at 16:26 Pacific


Jason Parham
Senior Computer Vision Research Engineer
Wild Me


Hello all, this is a courtesy reminder that your respective platforms will experience intermediate downtime, starting in approximately 24 hours. At 1:00 PM Pacific, we will begin performing upgrades and we anticipate it will take approximately 4 hours for all services to be migrated.

If you experience issues beyond 5:00 PM Pacific tomorrow, please post a comment here or create a new community post for your issue.