Confirm multiple unmatched candidates at once

Dear @Anastasia
I noted that one query annotation can match with 4 unassigned candidate annotations or even more. When confirming them, it can only be done each rank at a time yet they are all unassigned. Why is it not possible to confirm the match for all that are the same just once.

The link has an example.
Annotation OJ22_085 is matching with candidate rank 1 and 2. Could they be a way of confirming them both, all to get ID OJ22_085 without confirming each individually.


Match results for sighting a162c1c6-f56e-44a4-bbd4-818a711b7ac0 • Zebra Codex (

Hi @Rosemary

They can only be confirmed one at a time, but that’s a good candidate for a feature request. I’ll update the post to reflect that.

Thank you, that would make easier instead of going back and forth confirming the same individual.

Below is another link.
This shows identification process not complete since April 16th. My question is if annotation gets a match from the previous work done, must it go through the identification stage OR it should show it’s complete since it has an ID already.

Please advise on that too, I feel like it’s a repeat matching.

Sighting 7e974590-34ef-451a-9f52-bbfd9f9fa8e6 • Zebra Codex (

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if you can match it manually without sending it to identification if you already know which individual it is?

I hope this will help.
Sometimes we take duplicate photos of the same zebra. One of them will be the query annotation and the duplicates are the multiple unassigned candidates that will match it. Meaning, they will be matched against the annotation and given a new ID OR gets one of the right matches from the software. Each photo has annotation, so all of them even though they got the ID, they are still in identification process which is not complete.

If you open my link, overview tab shows identification on process while if you click Animal tab it shows it has an ID already. Why is it running identification and the animal already matched and has an ID?

Ah, thanks for explaining. That’s a good question; let me see what I can find out for you.

Thanks for waiting.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. But since it’s an additional view of the animal to compare across the database, you may get additional matches that didn’t appear during the initial ID.

I agree with you, I may get other matches but what about the ones which appeared and got ID’d yet the machine is trying to run the identification process.
Since the animal has been identified previously, it should finish process.
My thoughts…

For the ones where ID looks to have gotten stuck, (like the one that was in progress in April and hasn’t completed) you can choose to re-run identification. Any ID job that isn’t finished after a few hours is either behind a large queue or got stuck and needs to be re-run. In general, if ID hasn’t completed after a day or so, re-run your match.

Thank you @Anastasia , I did it.

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