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Hi there,
I’ve been using GiraffeSpotter for a number of months now and Im very happy with it. Something that I had noticed from the start was: when submitting encounters and selecting the respective species, some sub-species are shown but the one I am focussing on (Thornicroft Giraffe) is not.

There is still some uncertainty about the taxonomic classification of the Thornicroft Giraffe - But according to a new study it seems to be its own sub-species (just like the Angolan giraffe for example, which is implemented in GiraffeSpotter)

Here the study
Raphael T. F. Coimbra, Sven Winter, Vikas Kumar, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Rebecca M. Gooley, Pavel Dobrynin, Julian Fennessy, Axel Janke
„Whole-genome analysis of giraffe supports four distinct species”

So far I had always used ‘Giraffa tippelskirchii’ for my encounters but I thought I’d ask you whether you can / want to implement G. t. thornicrofti aswell.

How would this functionality help you?
I am actually not quite sure it this request belongs under ‘Feature requests’. If not, I would appreciate if you could forward me to the correct forum.

Thank you
Tom :slight_smile:

Hi @letom

Thanks for reaching out! @jon is double checking with the community and will report back here about whether we should implement it. Thanks for raising this question!


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Looks like we have community approval and are tracking the implementation under ticket WB-1765.

We’ll report back here once implemented.

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Hi Jason,
thats great!
Thank you

Hi @letom

Apologies for the delayed response. It looks like this was implemented a month ago and is already available on the site.


Hi Jason,
thank you very much for this.
I saw they implemented it which is great (although the name is spelled incorrect - but that should be fine)


Can you help us with the correct spelling?

sure. Probably just a spelling mistake:

Giraffa tippelschircki thornicrofti to Giraffa tippelskirchi thornicrofti as the Luangwa / Thornicroft Giraffe is a distinct subspecies of Masai Giraffe (G. tippelskirchi).

Thanks a lot mate!