Crop to images bounding box in matching interface

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What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
It would be great if images were cropped to the bounding box by default in the matching results interface.This would make comparing two individuals much easier. Clicking repeatedly on inspect is slow and could mostly be avoided with this change.

How would this functionality help you?
It would make comparing individuals much easier and would speed up the identification process.

Welcome to the Wildbook Community, and thanks for your idea!

I can see the value in an idea like this when you have species that is typically photographed with only one annotation of interest. However, a number of species we support operate in herds and the context of the entire image can be really useful during matching.

What if there was an option to set your preferred view to either include the entire image or zoom to the bounding box?


Hi Tanya,

I can see that for different species there are different preferences. An option would be perfect. Also, for jaguars I would prefer the crop of the original image over a crop with the overlayed heat map from Hotspotter, the heat map, while interesting, actually makes it hared to see the patterns.



Hey @mtobler, we’ve figured out a way to do this and have gotten this work underway. We’re tracking it under WB-798 so it should be ready and available soon!

This is now implemented on and other Wildbook platforms.