Data integrity tools - ability to filter/sort & download list with links

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see?
Filter, sort & download with links the lists generated by the Data Integrity tools, particularly the list of Duplicate Annotations in multiple encounters

With the multiple species and large citizen science datasets, we’d love the ability to filter and/or sort and/or be able to download the lists, with links. This would allow us to see the data integrity issues by related batch, such as by species, by user ID, etc, rather than as a random list of our data issues. The ability to download the lists with the related links would also help us to send the issues to their relevant owners. Just being able to filter/sort would allow us to review the issues with them via a shared screen, without showing them all data integrity issues across ACW.

Also, since the lists (at least 1 of them) max out at 500, being able to filter / sort would allow us to see more of what we’re looking for within a particular dataset.


Hey there!
Filter and sort are guaranteed part of nextGen, because all tables will have filter/sort capability. Downloading is an interesting thought. From a “perfect world” spitball, would it be better to have in-platform notice that something needs to be resolved? I can see it going either way. If someone has 900 issues, you don’t want to spam them with 900 notifications, but you also don’t want to have things lost in email.
Will see work involved to get the filter/sort in current gen, at least, and report back if it’s likely once I have an estimate. Download/notification will likely be nextgen only.

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Hi Tanya, excellent news about the next gen filter/sort functionality. Re: download vs notifications, you’ve had yet another great idea - I like the idea of notifications but agree about it not being spam. Maybe it’s a one a month notification that the user has outstanding data integrity issues to resolve? Rather than a ‘by issue’ notification?
My unoriginal download idea was really about trying to find a way to give each user access to their own data integrity issues & the related links - currently only available to an admin role. This is because we feel, and our current researchers agree, that the data owner should be the only one making decisions about fixes, particularly in cases where individual records get merged into one, as an example.

If you’ve got or can find a better solution than a download, I’m completely open.

cc: @PaulK

That’s an interesting point, and plays well into the conversations we’re having around the new security model and roles. What about people who have edit access to data? Should they be able to resolve data integrity problems? Or is it explicitly something you would expect the data owner to manage?

Good clarification - I’d say that anyone with edit access to the data should be able to correct data integrity issues. thanks