Don't show matches where 0 matching has been done

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In these match results, only 1 is of an identified individual. However, that match is rated by the system as a 0. When I inspect that match, there is no hotspotter yellow on any part of the image, which makes sense. But it doesn’t make sense to show a non-match in a list of potential matches.

How would this functionality help you? As is, it causes confusion - why this image and not other non-matches? it also causes effort to understand why the image is being shown; i.e. checking for matching patterns before realizing it’s actually not a proposed match from the 0 rating.

For the opposing viewpoints, see proposed match #12 in the following example:

It would be great to eliminate proposed matches of different viewpoints - lefts to rights, etc.

Hey @ACWadmin1,
Turns out that this a rounding error. That is a potential match, it’s just a phenomenally low possibility match, and since we only display 4 decimals places, it’s rounding to 0.
I’m changing this to a bug report, and we’ll make some changes to make the information display more understandable. We’ll be tracking this under WB-864.

Well that’s fascinating! Didn’t expect that. thanks

I probably should have put the 2nd item in a different feature request (re: not matching different viewpoints). If you close this one, I can copy that into a new, separate request.

I’ll pull that information out into a separate post and tag you as the owner. One second!