DragonSearch- 'about the animal- status'

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
Can we re-work the dropdown for ‘status’ under ‘about the animal’ on report an encounter form to give the following three choices:
wild- alive
wild- dead

How would this functionality help you?
Will allow us to accept and categorize aquarium submissions


Hey @ChrissyTustison,
Status is one of our standardized fields across all wildbooks, so I’d really like to keep it the same. What about an additional field that was a checkbox where you could simply denote if it was from an aquarium by checking the box? That would also allow you to accept aquarium submissions of alive and dead animals.

Hi Tanya- that could work! Our goal is to be able to distinguish wild from aquarium dragons when we’re assigning IDs on the back end, so whatever would help accomplish that purpose. My concern about a checkbox would be people missing it as opposed to making one solid choice from the dropdown… Having those three options for status was what we had originally discussed with Jason, but we ended up deciding to just do wild seadragons alive/dead to start with the idea that we’d add aquarium later. (We didn’t need a dead option for aquariums since that probably wouldn’t happen.) Maybe if the checkbox was yes/no and mandatory for submitting the form it could work, but it would be simpler for the user if it was just in the dropdown like the original plan…

Hi @tanyastere and @jason- wanted to follow up on some of these older posts before we meet next week! For “about the animal” status, something we’ve discussed on our end is using language such as “zoo/aquarium” to keep this idea applicable and standardized across different Wildbooks.

The “status” dropdown menu could look something like this:
wild- alive
wild- dead

Let’s talk more about it when we meet!