DragonSearch- unsubscribe link in emails

Hi WB team- I noticed that the unsubscribe link in the email received after submitting an encounter does not seem to be working. It leads to a page that says “redirect notice” with the following text:

"The previous page is sending you to an invalid url (http://@REMOVEME_LINK@).

If you do not want to visit that page, you can [return to the previous page]."

Let me know if it would be helpful to forward the email to one of you… Thanks!


Hey Chrissy, thanks for posting!
That is definitely a broken link. We’ll get that fixed for you shortly. We’re tracking this under WB-600.
Thanks again!

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Hi, Chrissy!

This should be resolved now! It hasn’t been officially QAed yet (but will soon), but wanted to keep you posted!

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Hey @ChrissyTustison,
Believe this is fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

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