Edit an entry after assigning it to another user

For the Internet of Turtles

I would like to be able to edit an entry I entered to IoT even after I have assigned the encounter to another Submitter. To allow the submitter who originally created the encounter to still have the ability to make edits.
This would mean I could edit any errors made myself, without having to contact the Submitter I assigned it to and ask them to edit the error.
When entering many encounters in a day human error can occur!

Hey @ORPLhaviyani ,
The best way to handle this would be to establish a collaboration with your person you’re working with. This keeps them as the data owner while granting you edit access. Here are the basic steps:

You can search for a user you want to collaboration with if you go to Administer > My Account.
When you search for a user, you search by username and name. Select the desired recipient from the dropdown. You may include a message that the user will receive with the collaboration request. You cannot establish a collaboration with yourself.