Edits to Report an Encounter Form for DragonSearch

What Wildbook should this feature be in?


What would you like to see?

  • Remove advanced info section under dropdown menu that needs to be expanded
  • Keep sex and life stage but not under dropdown menu that needs to be expanded
  • Add checkboxes for acknowledging user agreement and code of conduct
  • For encounter location, the red text makes it look like only the first of the possible options is mandatory. Clarify that there is a choice here between different ways to report location.

How would this functionality help you?

Simplifying and streamlining the submission process to make it more user-friendly, eliminating information that we don’t need citizen scientists to enter, clarifying which information is important for them to enter, and ensuring that they read and understand our code of conduct and user agreement as an integral part of becoming involved in the project.

Hi Chrissy, and thanks for your submission!
All of your suggestions are things that are planned with the front end update across all platforms. We are looking to streamline the submission process, clarify the location entry requirements, and make data licensing and user agreements clear and mandatory across all Wildbooks.

Given that these are in line with what you’re looking to accomplish, I was wondering if you’d like to review what we have planned and provide feedback that it’s in line with what you want for your user base?


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Thanks, Tanya! Yes, I’d like to review and/or provide feedback on what you all have planned. Excited to be a part of the developments.

@tanyastere and @jason one more to follow up on when we meet!