Email verification and welcome email to registrants

Feature request template:

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Kitizen Science.

What would you like to see? I would like to have a registration process for volunteers that requires them to verify their email address to create an account (to make sure they input it correctly), and then send them a little email with custom “welcome” text that reminds them of the username they chose.

How would this functionality help you? I would like a more “typical” user registration process and to give people something to refer back to if they forget their username. I’ve had a few volunteers sign up with obvious typos in their email address ( and I wish those had required verifications.

Hey @SabrinaAeluro!
I definitely understand the need for a welcome email that provides a sign-up reference. Most of the platforms require an account be made for a user, but as we continue to generalize, this will definitely be needed by multiple groups.
I do have a question about the validation aspect you’re requesting though. Emails sent after registration are still limited by the user’s entered information; a user still won’t be able to start using the system if they input their name wrong, even with a confirmation email being sent. Would it be more useful to require a user to type in their email twice, or to have a confirmation on screen before creating the account?

Hi @tanyastere! Yes, I would prefer something that allows for verification of an email address before someone can start using an account.

It sounds like two items here of value:

  • confirmation before account creation (re-entry of email or confirmation screen)
  • welcome email after account creation that includes account (username) and system information (home page) and general details on platform (welcome, why the platform exists, next steps if any), with the welcome email being most useful if an admin can determine the text displayed.

Does that sound right?

Yes, perfect. I know it’s such a basic/boring feature, but it would be nice.

No, that totally makes sense.
We’re actually working on doing a fair bit of refactor of our email system, so that one may be farther out just so we aren’t doing the same work twice.
However, the confirmation before account creation seems like a great idea that we could implement quickly and have a big win for our admins.
We’ll have two tickets to track these under:

  • welcome email: WB-606
  • email validation before account creation: WB-607

I’m considering these both accepted, and am working to incorporate them into our development plans.

Great, thank you, @tanyastere!